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This is Magma Art Glass

Dan Clausen

Artist at Magma Art Glass

Dan Clausen was borne in 1976 in Denmark and startet blowing glass in 1999 and came to Kosta Glass School Sweden in 2000. I have worked at Lindshammer and Åfors glassfactory and in several studios in Europe. Now I am copartner in Transjö Hyttan  and have the oppotunity to explore the limmits in swedish glasblowing.

Lars Skulberg

Artist at Magma Art Glass

I was born 1980 in Oslo, Norway. In 2005 I attenden the glass-school in Kosta, Sweden, and in 2007 I started working at Transjö Hytta. Now I’m copartner of the Glass works. Here in Transjö Hyttas I’m exploring and discovering different techniques in shaping hot glass.

Magma Art Glass, since 2009

Magma Art Glass is the collaboration of Dan Clausen and Lars Skulberg. We joined our creative energy to explore the limits of the the glass itself, the craft and it’s techniques and the esthetiques of the artwork. We work in the heart of the Kingdom of Glass in Småland, Sweden, in the very idyllic village of Transjö.

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